• 1 – French is my first language
    My mother is French Canadian and always spoke to us kids in her native tongue. I went to French school all of my life except for high school where at that time I spoke English with a very thick French accent. I still have a slight accent which is more noticeable when I’m tipsy.


  • The ego has superiority complex. It tends to have a sense of false pride which invites envy, resentment, arrogance and other similar lower level energies in our being.
    It likes to acquire in a greedy fashion and thinks there is lack in the world, that there is not enough good to go around for everyone. (more…)

  • The beautiful thing and my favorite aspect of yoga is that we are given the chance to set an intention before we begin to shape shift in the physical poses of the practice.

    Everything that happens in the universe begins with the power of intention and that includes our dreams. (more…)

  • The art of happiness is an inside job. As a society we are bred to to think that being happy is something that happens when a goal or destination has been achieved or reached.
    We have this idea that something external like the next job, the next partner or the next gadget will provide us with satisfaction. (more…)

  • Life is a series of decisions. We create this entire world by choosing to experience it through the power of choice.

    Decision making can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly when in regards of something we are striving towards to. (more…)

  • After spending over a decade together in Canada, my wife told me she felt a little homesick and wanted to get closer to her family again. The idea of relocating near to our childrens’ grandparents would also give them some precious childhood memories. I am always up for an adventure, so I agreed to move our family to Israel in the fall on 2013. (more…)

  • Yoga in Israel and especially in Tel Aviv, is very much alive and vibrant with many studios scattered around the city to choose from.

    The styles offered in this region differ slightly from what is popular in North America. Perhaps because Israel is so close to India, Ashtanga yoga and Iyengar yoga is in great demand (more…)

  • As human beings, we are usually led through life by our minds. To satisfy itself, the ego has a tendency to acquire as much as possible in a take-take mentality. The law of giving teaches us the opposite, it invites us to give with an open heart with the intention to create happiness for both the giver and the receiver. (more…)