10 things you don’t know about me

1 – French is my first language
My mother is French Canadian and always spoke to us kids in her native tongue. I went to French school all of my life except for high school where at that time I spoke English with a very thick French accent. I still have a slight accent which is more noticeable when I’m tipsy.


2 – I lived in Japan for quite some time.
After high school, I decided to backpack around Japan for a few months as my father is Japanese and I felt compelled to explore this unknown culture that comprised fifty percent of my DNA.
I ended up staying two years which started this love affair of having to spend at least a few month a year there for the following decade.


3 – I always felt connected to the Universe
Perhaps because I was raised Buddhist, I was taught from an early age that the Universe is alive, that we are souls and about the law of karma.
I remember when I was nine years old just before the school year ended, my parents decided to move cities and I was devastated as I had this crush on this older girl.
Because she was a year older(grade five), we never got to talk because grade four kids didn’t talk to the three graders or fifth graders.
I took it upon myself and asked the Universe to prove it was real, and to not let this happen to me.
Well, we did move away that summer, but to my up-most surprise, guess who moved on my new street in a totally different city three doors down the following week?
Yep, my crush and we got to hang out all summer.


4 – I love beer
After a very long day, I enjoy drinking a cold one.
It’s also common to see me walking around Tel-Aviv with a beer in hand on Friday afternoons(it’s legal here) when the high paced city life of Tel-Aviv slows completely down almost to a standstill as Shabbat approaches.


5 – I’d rather have a few good friends than many not so good friends
I feel very fortunate to be able to count five good friends that time, places or distance cannot break the bond we share together.


6 – I need to spend time daily in solitude
I’m a bit of an introvert and need some quiet time daily for introspection, to pause, to reflect and to align myself with the whispers of my heart and of the cosmos.
It’s my way of recharging my batteries and resetting the software.


7 – I’d love to be an airline pilot
Since a young boy, I’ve always been fascinated by anything to do with flying. To fly a plane and travel the world would simply be amazing. I even love airports and can sometimes be found parked below the landing strip watching planes land and take off.


8 – I like exotic food
For me, one the best part of traveling is getting to know the culture through culinary experience.
I enjoy savoring new tastes and am drawn to the type of foods that are so far out that they become an acquired taste.
The weirder and more exotic, the better.


9 – I get emotional when watching movies
I’m not sure why but I rarely cry.
It doesn’t matter if I’m sad, hurt or saying goodbye to a loved one knowing I may not see them for long time, I just can’t seem to allow the floodgates to open.
But, when I watch something emotional whether online or in a movie then yes, I get teary eyed quite fast.


10 – I have a Native American soul
The half Japanese/Canadian combo mixed with the long hair often give strangers the impression that I am First Nations but the funny thing is that I often feel like I have a native soul.
The way they lived in harmony with Mother Earth, their beautiful ceremonies and art work deeply resonate and inspire me.