Yoga in Israel from an outsider’s perspective

Yoga in Israel and especially in Tel Aviv, is very much alive and vibrant with many studios scattered around the city to choose from.

The styles offered in this region differ slightly from what is popular in North America. Perhaps because Israel is so close to India, Ashtanga yoga and Iyengar yoga is in great demand here whereas Hot yoga and Hatha yoga are favored in the western hemisphere. The popularity of Vinyasa yoga is on the rise here and it it also very well liked across the pond.

Yoga is a lot less commercial in this part of the world which is a contrast at first if one is used to seeing everyone decked out in the latest Lululemon outfits with their pricey water bottles at the top end of their mats.

Another difference I’ve noticed with yoga in Israel is that here it’s accepted to enter the room once the practice has started but in my hometown of Vancouver B.C.Canada there is a strict policy on prompt arrival and if the classes has already started, the tardy practitioner must wait for the next lesson to begin.

One thing that is unwavering in both regions is the focus and enthusiasm of the yogis as yoga has the universal ability to sharpen the senses during the practice of uniting mind and body.

If you make it to the Promised Land, set aside some time for yourself and take a yoga class. Make sure to introduce yourself to the instructor prior to the lesson because in most cases, they will do their best to teach with English cues to accommodate your lack of Hebrew. Many studios also offer classes in English only.

Follow the following link for a comprehensive look at a list of studios and their schedule:
Studios in Israel