Chakra Super Flow Master workshop in Tel Aviv

3:30 pm - 06:30 pm

Join Eddy in this powerful Vinyasa flow where he will lead you through his signature style dynamic fluid flows peppered with plenty of arm balances and inversions options along the way.

Get prepared to awaken the physical body while working on building strength and developing flexibility.

Each Chakra or energy vortex will be opened and cleared therefore allowing Prana or life-force to awaken your energetic body.
Inversion Workshop:

Eddy is a self proclaimed inversion junkie and is passionate about sharing his passion of going upside down. Inversions increases mental sharpness, are invigorating and brings a natural high.

Join Eddy in this all-levels workshop designed for students who would like to learn the fundamentals or refine their inversion practice.

All that is required is a sense of playfulness!
All levels welcome as modifications and intensifications will be provided.

Pricing for Renata students will be: 150 NIS
Pricing for PUBLIC audience will be 210 NIS

Renata Yoga Space 054-660-2772