Timna pillars at sunset during yoga Arava

Yoga Arava 2019 – Become the best version of yourself

Timna, Arava - Israel

What is the best version of yourself?

Come join Eddy in this week long intensive where you’ll explore becoming the best version of yourself by dissolving the layers of the ego through movement, stillness & breath work.
In that void you’ll be reminded to merge your mind & soul with Source energy so the co-creation of who you’re destined to be can then begin.

Eddy’s passion is spreading the light of yoga and he has been doing so full time for the past seven years.

Eddy’s teaching style will invite you to ;

• explore your healthy edge physically, blending effort while remaining soft with ease.

• connect to your spiritual self, to the internal light that shines within letting it be your constant guide.

• connect deeply to your breath allowing it to be the bridge between the physical and energetic bodies so that transformation can occur organically in mind, body and soul simultaneously.

The weekend workshops will a culmination of Eddy’s classic fluid and powerful flows, inversion and transition playtime, yin yoga and restorative sessions, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra.

Cultivate your Power, connect to your inner Grace and Flow on your mat so to carry these qualities off of your mat with more ease-fulness in the ever changing tides of life.
During the course of this intensive weekend you’ll be guided through ;

• Power Vinyasa flows, a fluid and dynamic yoga practice designed to build strength and develop flexibility. Standing poses, arm balances, transitions and seated poses will all explored in a fluid dance that is led by the breath.

• Inversion and Transition workshops that will break down poses and movements that will help you understand how to hop and float, back and forth from the top and back of your mat with fluidity while being inverted.

• Yin and Restorative Yoga, a relaxed and slow practice that will allow your body to recuperate and rejuvenate itself to balance out the fiery Yang movements.

• Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. Pranayama translates to “extension of life force”.
Meditation silences the mind down and brings coherence with the heart.
Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a state state of consciousness between waking and sleeping that greatly reduces stress and, a 45 minutes of yogic sleep feels like 3 hours of regular sleep.

Prices for 5 days retreat with early bird discount are :

Vila camp – 2770
Caravan for 2 people – 3420
Shared room for 4 – 2520
Shared room for 3 – 2680
Camping – 2080.

Another 50nis discount for last year participant.

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